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What is Hybrid Computing?

“Hybrid Computing is the utilization of financially feasible new computing technologies that work with (some) existing computing investments, to optimize ROI.”
Book of Anthony

Example:  The most prominent example today is the term Hybrid-Cloud, wherein, existing computing investments (in on-premise hardware and software) work in concert with the cloud offerings.   This gives the ability to balance Capital Expenses (CapEx) with Operational Expense (OpEx), and thus optimize ROI.  This is one of the primary reasons for the steady growth in cloud adoption.    Hint:  Thus the emphasis on the financial aspect of computing in our definition of Hybrid Computing.

BTW:  We do have some basis to define this –
(a)   experience/expertise – after all we have been practicing “Hybrid Computing” for over two decades globally, via our company since 2005, and have been in/doing/presenting the Cloud since 2008,
(b)   community efforts – founded the Cloud Computing user group in Houston (,  and as a speaker at multiple conferences,
(c)    professional examples
[i]    part of multiple Microsoft NDA based programs (e.g., Azure, Office365),
[ii]   have 3 Microsoft Case Studies as evidence,
[iii]  currently, we are in the  Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance

Why define this now?
After personally practicing “Hybrid Computing” for over two (2) decades,  I registered the trademark  Simplifying Hybrid Computing®  some time ago.  Usually once a trademark is registered,  someone tries to define it.  But since no one has done so for a while, I decided to go ahead and define this here.

Plug:  Hybrid Decisions® Corp has been “Simplifying Hybrid Computing” … since 2005 … with our own Platforms, Products, and Professional Services.

Appreciation: To all our steadfast well-wishers, “Thank you” for standing by us.  Tex«±»

To #Windows10, or NOT to #Windows10 (Part-3)

Before Upgrading to Windows 10, remember that you have 30 days to revert/roll back (just in case) … this is Part-3 in this series covering both first hand and other points … that can help towards living with Windows 10 decision :- )

  1. Windows 10 Update: Microsoft Cumulative Update 1 (for Windows 10) was causing issues and Microsoft jumped on it and released Cumulative Update 2 along with 4 other updates …
  2. Windows 10 Privacy:  You may want to go to Start > Settings > Privacy and ensure that you know what is actually turned on/off … personally, I have my camera & mic turned off among other things … i believe in turning things ON and then OFF after use … just like the lights ( -: in-the-room-of-your-choice :- )
    UPDATE:  WIndows seems to be ignoring privacy setting according to this article in (
  3. Windows 10 Antivirus:   I appreciate Microsoft providing Defender/Malware-protection … but given that we are unable to “EXCLUDE” them especially when we have a 3rd party Antivirus … suffice to say, that’s causing us to roll-back Windows 10.
    Warning: There seem to be conflicts/issues/crashes when trying to run other/third-party antiviruses, e.g., AVG … and yes, I know AVG is not in the top 3 this year/2015, but there are homes that have purchased it because the Ultimate/Zen/top-most  edition covers, (a) Unlimited Devices, (b) for 2-years , and (c) includes some other utilities … Note: we are not using AVG

BTW: Microsoft has made available a temporary tool ( that seems to exclude some updates.  I sincerely hope Microsoft gives us more control over the updates (Hint: at least for the Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise editions as in Part-1 of this series).

“… or NOT to #Windows10”

Given that we do both Microsoft & Non-Microsoft technologies (after all I personally started with C/Unix) … and given our “personal” experience with friends/family/SMBs/enterprises, and the fact, (a) that many folks are worried about losing control (privacy, cloud, etc.,) especially with the slew of security breaches, (b) that their systems (e.g., Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7) could be out of mainstream warranty and are so forced to upgrade, and (c) for whatever-personal-reason are not going to Windows 10 …  the next article (Part-4) in this series will cover (IMHO) the best FREE alternative to Windows 10 + Office 2013/2016:

  1. a system that just works out of the box/USB
  2. comes with an Office Suite (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, math … yes math tool for students)
  3. and keeps you safer online … all this and more for FREE !?!?!?


To #Windows10, or NOT to #Windows10 (Part-2)

WARNING:  beware of the New Windows 10 UPGRADE scam  via email

These scammers will encrypt your files and hold you ransom … read this article for more info

Now for some good news and tips when upgrading:

1. Upgrades are smooth for the most part … if you have difficulty getting Windows10, log into and you should be able to get #Windows10 32-bit and 64-bit, others can get it via MSDN.

2. If your upgrade fails on reboot and take you to the troubleshooting menu – just power off – windows will roll back without a hitch (in our experience).  This occurred on machines with hybrid drives that were customized by their manufacturer

3.  Microsoft has some “qualifed” paths for the FREE upgrade to Windows 10.  However, If you want to cross-upgrade –   Win7/8.1 home edition to Win10 pro/enterprise – you would need to first upgrade your Win7/8.1 home edition to the Win7/8.1 pro BEFORE  you can upgrade to the FREE Windows10 pro/enterprise, or you will need to enter Windows 10 pro/enterprise key ($$$).   More info here


Loss of another great human/mind …

… rose to become the president of India … one of the great thinkers and executors of our time … “May His Soul Rest In Peace” & "May His Dreams Come True"
… rose to become the president of India … one of the great thinkers and executors of our time … “May His Soul Rest In Peace”

Continue reading “Loss of another great human/mind …”

To #Windows10, or NOT to #Windows10 (Part-1)

Hello Folks!

As many of you know we have been buried/heads-down with the Win10 wave … have tested/used every pre-release build on multiple machines … we dogfood and use  both Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies (e.g., multiple Linux distros) … and “If we can’t speak good, then we say nothing”  (hint: silence during Windows 8).

We started the upgrades at 12:01 AM (July 29th)  with the released Windows 10

The most important point about going to Windows 10 (as of now) is that Microsoft controls ALL the Windows 10 Updates – you cannot pick and choose what gets updated or not … all the other nuances are secondary (IMHO) … 

⇛  This seems to be a benefit for those who need things to be automatic and prefer to not be bothered with having to keep their system updated – e.g., most often those who run Windows 10 Home edition.

⇛  If you are one of those who need and/or want Windows 10 Pro edition – then think carefully before upgrading or this can become a major gotcha – even more so, if you like to tweak your environment and/or custom build(s).

⇛  As for those who need Windows 10 Enterprise – reach out to your Trusted Advisor (“TA”)  or your favorite techie, because  unlike before, you cannot skip/leapfrog Windows 10 … this changes everything you know about legacy licensing.

NOTE: This lack of control of updates has serious business impact and requires due-diligence regarding factors, such as, existing in-house software/third-party products and their licensing/current, immediate future and further outlook/etc.,   so ensure the TA/person  has skills at least in these areas  “Tech (business/users/dev/ops) + Licensing + OpEx/CapEx ± Legal”  plus they actually have experience in dogfooding/using/appreciates Microsoft but have not drunk the Kool-aid :- )   … so they can give you truer breadth PLUS depth perspectives.

HINT: If you cannot find someone like that, feel free to reach out to me/us at … after all we have consistently been and are ahead of the curve for 24+ years … and if we are unable/unavailable we will gladly connect you with someone who can cater to you :- )

BTW: This is the first part in a series of “To #Windows10, or NOT to #Windows10”

Microsoft Windows 10 preview feedback … is starting to feel more like Windows 8 feedback

Having installed every released Windows 10 preview build, overall Windows 10 is definitely an improvement over 8.x.

That being said, after hammering Windows 10 on 3 devices and then providing feedback via Windows Insider/Feedback prior to build 10041, and now after installing build 10041, I felt it is time to write – especially since we care!

The 3 devices we used {(a) Surface 1 Pro,   (b) Asus Taichi 21 (dual-screen notebook), and (c) an HP laptop i7 with 8GB} are a sampling of users in our circle of family/friends/acquaintances/customers.  The first Windows 10 preview build seemed to reflect Microsoft starting to listen to its customers and ecosystem (developers/partners). But with every release since then, it feels like we are back in the feedback cycle that led to Windows 8, especially since they seem to consistently keep ignoring/removing existing crucial functionality, namely:

1. Windows Updates.  Ability to select enable/disable which updates get installed is critical to the Operating System functioning.  This feature was removed in Windows 10’s new Update UI, but given that this is a preview it was alright especially since we had the old way (until build 9926) while they got the new Update UI figured out.  However, this is now build 10041 and it seems like we are stuck … we have the updates re-installing the same update over and over and over and over … well you get the point!
SUGGESTION:  Leave the previous update ability as is (so we can test without updates that become show-stoppers, e.g., driver updates that keeps failing/reinstalling) while you work out the new UI.

2. Remote Desktop.  Some devices would remote at random, and then too the session would crawl, and we had to jump through hoops to get this thing going in build 9926, after which, we just stopped testing this feature.

3. Start Menu.  This was fine up to build 9926, then in build 9879 they junked it and brought back the windows 8 start screen minified as the Start Menu.  However, we could revert back to the 9926 menu via registry tweaks thanks to folks like   Now with build 10041, Microsoft has nuked that setting … see the comments on the above winbeta link … it sure feels like windows 8 feedback cycle all over again!
SUGGESTION: Just leave the left half of the Start Menu like Windows 7 – go to town on the right half of the Start Menu, toggle the Tiles and App List views and whatever else.   And if that is not what they like – then just don’t lock down the Start Menu and instead give us the ability/freedom to customize the Start Menu as we wish!

There are more items but after talking with other longtime core Microsoft folks, (hint: I have over 2 decades in the industry with Microsoft tech),  there seems to be a quite a fall out after the Windows 8 feedback as many are not even bothering with the Previews, as for the few of us die-hard’s who have been testing & giving feedback,  well this feels like windows 8 feedback all over again!


Another Great Talent …

May he rest in peace!

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I know its been very long … too much travel – too many new technologies … go get Windows 8 Consumer Preview – will be updating this blog post with first look feedback soon.

UPDATE 1:  The windows 8 download bits along with the dev tools (VS11 + Blend + Win8 SDK) are here   MSDN Ultimate subscribers have access to the full VS11 beta among other NEW items.   NOTE: It is disappointing to know that even Gold Partners only get access to MSDN Premium,  which apparently does not have access to the bits as of this writing.

Update 2: Thanks to whomever is responsible … for as of this evening VS11 beta is available for the following MSDN Subscription Levels:

VS Pro with MSDN (VL) VS Pro with MSDN Embedded (Retail) VS Pro with MSDN Embedded (VL) VS Pro with MSDN Premium (Empower) VS Pro with MSDN Premium (MPN) VS Test Pro with MSDN (Retail) VS Test Pro with MSDN (VL) VS Ultimate with MSDN (MPN) VS Ultimate with MSDN (NFR FTE) VS Ultimate with MSDN (Retail) VS Ultimate with MSDN (VL) WebsiteSpark WebsiteSpark Admin
BizSpark BizSpark Admin Designer AA DreamSpark DreamSpark Premium Expression Professional (Retail) Expression Professional (VL) MSDN Essentials MSDN for Action Pack VS Premium with MSDN (MPN) VS Premium with MSDN (Retail) VS Premium with MSDN (VL) VS Pro with MSDN (Retail)

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